It is a service to rent android tablets or windows for a certain period, either a unit or hundreds, to meet specific needs in events or any action of company that requires it. Following with the series of reflections on whether IT rentals are better to rent or buy a projector, laptop rentals or tablet rentals, today we will analyze it from the perspective of the life of the team.

Electronic equipment has a life, unfortunately, quite limited. In the case of laptops the batteries wear out, the processors are slowing due to wear.

The projectors suffer, above all, wear on their lamps. The tablets usually fail at a time by the batteries. Therefore, Rent iPad manchester, are not bad options these days.

In all of them, there is also technological obsolescence. The emergence of new technologies or operating systems or “heavy” programs makes a computer stay relatively old with relative ease.

It is true that there is a great tendency to consider obsolete equipment that can provide an optimal service despite its age. If a l business laptop rent is still working perfectly for the work we do with it we should not consider it obsolete.

However, many times the equipment becomes unusable over time due to poor maintenance or too abrupt treatment.

Is it better to rent a projector or buy it?

The life of a projector lamp is very uncertain. There are teams that, treating them very badly, have had a very long life and other equipment, by contrast, even treating them well their lamp has been fused quickly.

We often hear our customers having a projector that has been almost all year in the closet and that just the day they have turned it on has stopped working iPad Rental.

Therefore, if we consider that the life of a projector is limited we should see the use that we are going to give before buying or renting. If we use it sporadically it may be more convenient to buy the equipment.

Consider a case study (very common, unfortunately) a company buys a projector for 800 Euros. The team uses it four times a year for their business meetings. The third year, when dusting the team they discover that it does not work. If we consider the use that has been given to the team we see that each meeting has had a cost of 100 Euros. It seems like an exaggerated case but, surprisingly, it is very common. In this case renting would have been a better option.

However, if the projector is used very often it is easy to see that it is better to buy the equipment.

Is it better to rent a laptop or tablet or buy it?

Since laptops and tablets are generally given a much more intensive use than projectors, it is often better to buy versus rent. However, for specific situations such as business meetings, training courses, temporary extension of staff, etc. The Laptop Rentals happen to be a much more interesting option than the purchase.