Secure your devices.

Locks and Security Rentals:

At any corporate or festival event we want to make sure that your devices have maximum security from theft and breakage. Our Kensington lock is an essential product to rent, leaving you one less thing to worry about.

Locks and Security Rentals

Kensington Lock

A Kensington lock allows us to securely attach products such as iPads, desktop stands or moonbase stands to a desk or frame without having to drill into the desk. The Kensington lock attaches to the iPad with a metal plate which is stuck to the iPad frame and then the lock fits in to the plate and wrapped round

Locks and Security Rentals


The Samsung 46” Touchscreen Monitor is one of most popular screens for rental in the majority of industries worldwide. Delivered to you in a ready to use state, with customised content and installation. Great for large conferences with videos!
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